Why CENTRAL wisconsin?

Is Wisconsin the #1 Summer destination for golf in America? YES!!!

Central Wisconsin becoming major golf destination

Wisconsin named the best golf destination to visit in 2017

wsj reports wisconsin is the hottest golf destination in the country


 A 140-mile radius drawn from Erin Hills, site of the U.S. Open, intersects some of the best courses in the Midwest, From the spectacular___________ to iconic  SentryWorld in Point. Central Wisconsin also boasts the Links Course at Lawsonia in Green Lake, a classic Langford-Moreau design loved equally by architecture geeks and weekend hackers; Bull's Eye Country Club, a Larry Packard Classic Northwood Course is a delight to play; Lake Arrowhead in Nekoosa, a fine 36-hole facility, and many more. Of course Sand Valley at the epicenter Central Wisconsin is definitely going to be a sought-after golf destination. 

Forty-five minutes to the south, in the Dells, Wild Rock stands on its own merit. Designed by Michael Hurdzan and Dana Fry while they were working at Erin Hills, Wild Rock opened in 2008 and is as good as any resort course you’ll play. Forty-five minutes north of Sand Valley, Stevens Point Country Club and Sentry World have been rejuvenated by a recent multi-million-dollar renovation. Sentry World was the first upscale public course in the state when it opened in 1982 and it’s better than ever. 

The New Stevens Point Country Club has its own story to tell In a potentially devastating development in 2011, over 2,000 trees were lost due to application of the chemical Imprelis. The loss of these trees dramatically changed the landscape of the course. In 2016 a settlement was reached providing a unique opportunity to turn crisis into an opportunity to renovate the golf course and facilities and revitalize Packard’s design. 
Enter Craig Haltom and Oliphant Golf Management. Haltom, a guru of the sand, is best known for locating the 1,500 acres of ancient Wisconsin sand dunes hidden under millions of planted trees which are currently being transformed into the Sand Valley Golf resort. Haltom, who lived in Scotland for three years studying the great courses of Great Britain and Ireland, is well versed in the traditions of sand based, links golf course architecture.  At SPCC Haltom saw an opportunity to meld Packard’s genius with the natural sand based terrain of the Stevens Point region. To address the more open landscape of the course Haltom reimagined the look of the course by exposing the natural sand base of the land to create vast sandy areas one might see in the Sandbelt of Australia.  Stevens Point CC bills itself as “friendly private,” which means it is a private club but will accommodate groups of golfers playing other courses in the region.

Central Wisconsin and the words “really cool golf trip” would have been mutually exclusive 20 years ago. Today, they go together like sand and valley. (D'Amato, 2017)

What else do we love about Wisconsin, well it is a natural playground for all types — you’ll find rafting, hiking and classic outdoor crafts like hunting and fishing in Wisconsin’s state parks, lakes and islands. And when temps drop, there are plenty of cheeses, sports and indoor water parks to make Wisco a perfect cost-friendly escape. The thing that really gets us, though, is Wisconsinites’ cheery nature. Hey — in a state this awesome, we’d be extra-friendly, too (Strutner, 2014). Still asking why WISCONSIN??? Read below. 


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